Wireless mice

I’ve always had a corded mouse when using any computer. I always thought, “Why need one when you’re sitting inches away from your computer anyway?” When I got my new laptop, I decided to pick up a wireless Logitech mouse. On my previous laptop, I had a corded mouse and had to unwind to plug it. It wasn’t a much of a deal until I used the wireless mouse and found it much more convenient. When using the mouse you actually feel the freedom of not having to adjust the mouse for cord slack and even having an extra bit of space whereas before the cord would be obstructive. When I decided to replace my desktop computer mouse I had to get another wireless mouse.


From left to right: V400 and V200; both these models are for notebook-use. There are high-end wireless mice made specifically for desktops with rechargeable docking bays rather than having batteries.

The V400 is the one I’m using for my notebook. It’s Logitech’s latest notebook wireless mouse. It currently sports a dual laser engine and is able to work on more surfaces than the old optical mice. The V400, which is marketed to be a rugged go-anywhere mouse, have very comfortable rubber grips, and the most impressive feature is the tiny wireless receiver can be stored inside the mouse itself when not in use.

My desktop mouse is about 5 years old, and it was getting so dirty and ugly that it needed to be replaced even though it works perfectly. I replaced it with the V200, which is the an older model compared to the v400, but works just as well, in fact it works a bit better. The V400 seems to go to sleep a bit too quickly when left idle for a short moment. Unlike the V400, this mouse sports the older generation optical tracking and doesn’t have a compartment to store the receiver, instead it snaps to the bottom of the mouse when not in use. The receiver holds in its place well, but it can come loose when put in a bag where it can roll around.

If you haven’t tried a wireless mouse and still using a corded one I recommend picking up a cheap model which can be as cheap as $15. Try it out and see how much more convenient and even extra space it can provide.

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