Call of Duty 2


If you do a search on my blog you’ll find that I played the first Call of Duty and gave it high marks. I’ve had Call of Duty 2 for a while, but I never got a chance to play. I recently installed Call of Duty 2 on my new laptop and have just finished all the campaigns. This sequel is no different besides an overhaul in graphics and effects.

The game is split up to three different campaigns; Russian, British, and an American campaign. Each campaign is then split up to several missions which are fast paced and full of action. The game is relatively easy even when set to ‘regular/normal’ difficulty. As you get into the latter of the game the objectives may become a bit repetitive, but it’s made up by intense action and an increase in difficutly. The Call of Duty series are also released on consoles such as the Xbox and Playstation 2. I’m not certain if the gameplay or the missions are similar, but if it’s anywhere near this PC version then it must be a worthwhile game to play.

I definitely recommend this game to anyone who even has a remote interest in First Person Shooters let alone have a keen interest in World War II history. If you have a powerful gaming rig go straight for Call of Duty 2 as it very much similar in game play to the first one. Otherwise if you have a dated computer, you should get the first Call of Duty as the requirements for it is not as extensive.

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