Conspiracy Theory: JFK Assasination

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 22, 1963.

What the conspirators want you to believe:
Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination. He alone committed this gruesome crime.

My Theory:
Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone. He was a hired gunmen / assassin. Oswald defected from the U.S. and moved to Russia in the late 1950s. Where he applied his US Marine skills to Soviet military training to become a lethal killing machine. Once trained and prepared, the Soviets sold Oswald’s skills to Fidel Castro of Cuba. In retaliation of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Castro was going to use Oswald’s skill to assassinate JFK. After hearing what Castro was going to use Oswald for, the Soviet broke all ties with Cuba. The Soviet then sent a secret team to infiltrate to the US to cover any of their tracks that could be traced back to Russia.

Believing that Oswald was backed by mother Russia he continued with Castro’s plan. Unknowingly, the Soviet secret team and the Mafia has sabotage every step of the plan leaving no trace of any Soviet ties. Hence, in the end Oswald was killed the next day on live television by Jack Ruby, who has close ties with the Mafia and incidentally has a Russian military past.

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