My Current Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

American Idol – This season was my first year watching this reality show. There was nothing else to watch, so I caught an episode somewhere at the beginning of the season. To my surprise the show is funny. Simon, one of the three judges, verbally humiliates practically all the contestants. His statements are opinionated which is what it’s suppose to be since he’s a judge, but many times they’re so true. If you haven’t watched the show yet, better wait till next season. Just watching Simon talk mad trash about all those people alone is worth it.

CSI – I’m a big detective show fan, and CSI has it all; drama, action, and great stories/episodes. What’s great about CSI is that you can just watch any episodes from any one season and it would be a good. But if you follow the entire series its even better has the future episodes tie into past ones. Each character on the show has a unique past which gives the show so much depth. The show is on its 6th or 7th season and it’s still one of the top shows out there.

House – I was never really into any of those doctor/hospital TV shows, but House is an exception. The show is about an egotistical arrogant doctor named Gregory House. He gets the weirdest patients with the weirdest diseases, sickness, and conditions and House has to figure out the cause and a remedy/cure for it. In the process he finds something shocking about the patient or their family and friends. What’s cool about the show is that House is crippled and needs a cane to walk, yet he rides a badass 2005 Honda 1000RR Repsol replica motorcycle.

South Park – Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses. Everyone should know this show. Four fouled mouth kids who live in a town called South Park experiences outlandish and usually over exaggerated pop culture events. Everything you can think of has happened in South Park. The show is a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of the political correctness of our society.

Family Guy – Its humor is a bit esoteric at times, but if you have been following the show since it’s inception you know how good it is and where their jokes originate. Family Guy is the first show ever to be resurrected and uncancelled due to record sales of their DVDs. Similar to South Park, Family Guy delves into many of the political correctness of our society and does so in a comedic tongue-in-cheek fashion.

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