BJ Penn vs GSP review

For those of you who read my play by play or saw the fight it was very exciting and a very close match. I went to several MMA forums and noticed that many BJ Penn fans are are convinced that he did not lose or that the fight was a draw. To make sure I didn’t miss anything I went ahead and watched the fight several more times. And after rewatching the fight, it is more appearent that George St. Pierre won the fight and the decision should of been unanimous rather and than a split.

Many of the fans who say Penn won, argued that he did more damage. It was very obvious that GSP looked bloody whereas Penn was unscathed. When watching the fight again, Penn did all the damage in the first round, which basically consisted of that punch/poke to the right eye, and the grazing punch which caused GSP’s nose to bleed profusly. The combination of the swelling of the eye and the massive bleeding through the nose made it look worst than it actually was, in fact that was the only damaged that was caused by Penn, and it happen to be within the first two minutes of the fight.

For those who are able to rewatch the fight again, Penn became tired by the end of the first round. He was swinging for the cheap seats and each hook he threw, he threw with bad intentions, which is why he gassed so quickly. From his interview on GSP said he regained his vision at the end of the first, which was when GSP begin to pick Penn with strong low kicks and stiff jabs to the face. It even continued into the second round where Penn was being more of a counter-puncher rather than being offensive.

GSP definately won rounds 2 and 3 and should of gotten the unanimous decision. For those who disagree watch the fight again. GSP will be the title holder by the end of the year when he defeats Matt Hughes in the rematch.

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