Party Bus Info on Saturday

Here’s the info for the Party Bus on Saturday.

Occasion: For freakin’ Huy’s Birthday!

Date & Time: Febuary 11th 2006, 8:00pm (Sharp)

Meeting location: Albertson/Rite Aid Parking lot E. Capitol Express way.

Destination: San Francisco clubs; Glas Kat then to Suite one8one

Dress code: Dress clean and nice. No sneakers, hats, or sports apparel.

Fee: $35, I will need it ASAP!!!

I will be bringing two coolers filled with beer, liquor, and some wine and ice to keep them chilled and other amenities. If you can bring additional alcohol it will be greatly appreciated. I practically live across the street from Rite Aid, so if anyone needs changing or to freshen up you can do it there. If you guys have any questions feel free to call me on my cell phone.

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