How to lose weight and keep it off (Part 3)

It’s finally here, Part 3. Motivation is just as equally as important as dieting and exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re capable of doing the exercises and being able to put up with those tasteless low calorie meals, it’s about actually doing it and to continue to do it. Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves to lose weight. I have a friend who watches workout videos when she’s feels lazy and tired. After a few minutes of watching the video it makes it easier for her to get into her workout clothes and head to the gym or go outside for a run. Sometimes looking at yourself in the mirror can help motivate or looking at pictures of people/models who has the type of physique you’re looking to obtain.

Personally, I keep a log of my weight every morning when I wake up. If I feel a little heavy I make my workout for the day a little tougher. If I’m lighter, then the workout is not so tough. The best motivator is seeing results. That’s why keeping a log is very helpful. And seeing physical results is even better. Why do you think there are so many mirrors at a gym?

Here are some ways to help you stay on the fitness path:

-Get a workout partner, preferably someone with the same goals.
-Have a variety in your workouts as well as your foods.
-Keep a picture of your over-weight self somewhere to look at.
-Talk to someone about your dieting and workouts. Just having a plain old conversation about it can be very motivating.
-Get new workout clothes. There’s nothing better than to tryout and show off your new gear.
-Visualize. Keep a mental picture of yourself being super fit.

Hope these tips help. Just remember everyone has their own way to stay motivated. It just takes a bit of enginuity and some time to figure it out.

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