A few days left for Christmas

It seems like every year everyone waits til the last minute to shop for gifts. Well, if you’re one of those who are waiting til the last moments here some places you may easily find suitable gifts:

REI – They carry anything and everything that has to do with outdoor activities; clothing, gear, and food. It’s a great place for those ‘out-doorsy’ types. You can even rent equipment for those big snowboarding/ski/camping trips as well.

Fry’s Electronics – If you’re from the Bay Area it’s appearant that Fry’s carry about every kind of electronics equipment for home entertainment, computers, cars and trucks. There are always some sort of deals and sales at Fry’s, check your local newspaper for the up-to-date sales.

Costco – They carry almost everything and in bulk too. The bad part is that to enter you need to have a membership card, you can either apply for one or go with a friend who has one. It’s worth it as you can probably complete a whole Christmas list just at Cosco alone.

Guitar Center – For those up and coming musicians a brand new guitar would be an awesome gift *hint* or a new amp. Guitar Center is like the Fry’s of music. The best part is that you can practically play or try any of the instruments they have in the store.

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