Weekend Fun and Run

I had a blast this weekend. I got to go to The Killer’s concert and see some bands play. The Killer’s are a fairly new band, at least for me it is, and their music isn’t the type I usually listen to, but nonetheless they were entertaining. Modest Mouse opened for The Killers and unfortunately I can’t say the same for them. Modest Mouse was really boring. They weren’t really interactive with the crowd at all. They played their music and took off. My friend and I attend the concert a bit early, who am I kidding, we were about 9 hours early before the Modest Mouse played. The wait was worth it as we got to drink beer and eat garlic fries and nachos.

Spending the whole day at the concert was a double-edge sword. I had fun, but it got me tired for the following morning which I had a 10K race. All the alcohol I drank at the concert didn’t help me much either. I’m dissapointed at my time that I got, but it was something I knew I was getting myself into. I got the Silicon Valley Half marathon coming up at the end of the month, so hopefully I can redeem myself.

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