Vegetarian Conclusion

I finally have some time to sit down to think and write about last month’s vegetarian diet. The reason why I switched to a vegetarian last month was because I’ve been meaning to do it in the past. Many people have been saying its a much healthier diet and good for you mentally and physically.

With 30 days of not eating any meat I can say being a vegetarian isn’t much healthier than a non-vegetarian diet. I lost about 2 to 3 lbs which isn’t significant at all. Maybe if it was a more extended period of time there is a good change a person can lose more weight. Mentally, I felt more tired more often. During the diet I was lazy to do anything. I just wanted to stay home and watch television all day. The worst part about this diet is watching your friends and co-workers eating all the yummy food that you can’t eat.

In the end, a vegetarian diet isn’t any healthier than my previous diet. For those of you who believe a no-meat diet is the way to go to be healthy, think again. Stick to a well-rounded meal and stay away from too much fat and salt.

Note: The day after my veggie diet had I eaten pizza with grilled chicken for the topping, and at night while sleeping I woke up with the worst stomach pain ever. It last for several hours and had to hit the toilet a few times. My body was probably not use to eating meat which may have caused the pain. I don’t think it was a bad pizza because none of my friends who ate it had any problems.

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