The Exorcism of Emily Rose


The preview is scary, and I just had to see movie and it being based on a true story just made it more compelling. Good horror movies nowadays are rare. Today, horror-thriller movies ride on the curtails of movies such as The Ring and Sixth Sense raking in money on it’s popularity of the genre. Exorcism of Emily Rose takes a page or two out of a John Grisham’s novel. The plot describes Emily Rose’s experience through court room testimonials because the priest who performed Emily’s exorcism is being prosecuted for her death.

I can’t say this is as scary as what I saw in the previews, but it does keeps you on the edge of your seat at times. If you’re looking for some hardcore horror blood and guts or even something as scary as the original Exorcist then you’ll better off waiting for a rental. The story is excellent and the court room drama is exceptional but not great.

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