No Meat!

It’s the first of September and a fresh start for a new month. I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t really have time just to relax. Again, I’ve been taking care of Rosco by taking him to the vet and continuing to housebreak him as well as working the other half of the day. It’s practically the end of summer and I haven’t even solved my Rubik’s cube nor did I finish Final Fantasy VII. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete both in the near future. I also got two races coming next month and I should be in training.

Well, with all the things I’ve started and haven’t yet completed I decided to take on another project; I’ll try to be a vegetarian for the month of September. You heard that right. No meat for 30 days. I’ve known to be eating constantly and removing meat from my diet is basically everything. The longest I’ve gone with out meat was probably about seven days. Lets see how far I can go. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely try my hardest. I’ll be posting my meals and status from time to time on my blog, so it’ll be a good way to journalize this so-called experiment. Yesterday, I spent my day pigging myself out to hotlinks, turkey sandwiches, and a gut-busting meal from In and Out Burger. Now, as I look at my scale I weigh about 159 lbs, which is a little more on the average of what I usually weigh. Lets see if this vegetarian thing all its cut out to be.

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