Parking Ticket

I got a parking ticket at work today. This totally sucks. I have parking permit through my work, but there’s never available parking for the permit area. That the one of the bad reasons for working this particular shift. I’ve gotten parking tickets before and this is by far the most expensive; $50! I’ve been getting away with by parking in the 2 hour zones for the past 3 months and this is the first ticket, so I guess it evens out.

Wait a minute… I take that back. The most expensive parking ticket I’ve gotten cost me $300. I parked my motorcycle in an area that was designated for handicap use. It was such a bullshit ticket because it wasn’t blocking any sort of access area. It was just near it. Anyway, I don’t really care much about it. As long as you learn your lesson. In my case, I got a second lesson, and it cost me $50.

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