The Mt. Diablo Hike

This weekend was a much more eventful probably because I had it off from work. Yesterday I ran the 5K race with only three hours of sleep. I did OK, given that I was sick. It turns out my week-long cough was caused by bronchitis. Immediately after the race I spent the rest of the day swimming with friends. The lack of sleep and constant activity was tiring. On Sunday, I finished this weekend off with a hiking trip with several friends at Mt Diablo state park.

We woke up early in the morning and drove for an hour to the site. From the maps and online information the trail we were taking is about 5.9 miles. What we didn’t know was practically half of the hike was steep up-hills trails. With the scorching sun beating on our heads and back we hike off trail to Rock City where we climbed to the peak. We had a great view of the valley and enjoyed the nice cool breeze.

After our rest on the rock, we found a campsite to refill our water bottles. The campsite was a life-saver because the hike back around the other side of Mt. Diablo was just as tough, and we had drunk all our water. And at that point we were extremely tired. The hike back was full of ups and downs. It had seemed that we were lost and we didn’t know that trail that we were taking was going to take us back. Luckily for us a mountain cyclist road by and helped us with directions. It turns out that we were on the right trail, but it was a long ways back to our car. About a mile and a half one of my friends started to cramp up. He had run out of water and so did I. He persevered the last mile, and we made it back to the parking lot. Overall, the hike was really tough and we all had a lot of fun. We probably hiked more than 8 miles. Now I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the week; recouping from the hike and getting some rest to rid this bronchitis.

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