Final Fantasy

Back in the day when Super Nintendo ruled the video game consoles, I was a video game addict. The SNES had awesome role playing games (RPG). The ones I remember fondly was the Final Fantasy series. The first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy II. I remember playing it for months; leveling my characters to the max and beating it over and over again. The story was great and there was tons of magic spells to cast. Then in 1994, the most awesome game was released, Final Fantasy III. The Final Fantasy games are not sequels but rather a new and different story per game. Final Fantasy III was in-so-many ways better then its predecessor. The story was captivating and each character had their own personality. It had a great system of leveling up each character specifically; strength, defense, magic, or speed. I’ve beaten the game so many times. I use to have the game emulated on my computer. I played it from time to time, and again, beaten it several times more.

I’ve played many RPGs, but I don’t play as much as I use to during the SNES days. The last RPG was Diablo II on the PC. It’s a great game, but the game didn’t grab my attention as much as Final Fantasy III. A couple of years ago I browsing around the internet reading up on classic video games news I saw a poll listing people’s favorite RPG. Final Fantasy III was listed as the best RPG. I did some more searches and found another poll which had many more votes. Listed number 1 was NOT Final Fantasy III, but Final Fantasy VII. My game ranked 2nd. I was surprised. I’ve only played Final Fantasy VII as demo on my Sony Playstation, and I didn’t like it much. Maybe because it was way too short and the demo was made only to show off the graphics and in-game videos. I went and looked around on related forums and saw that many people in the RPG community agreed that Final Fantasy VII is the best RPG ever made. Final Fantasy VII was release for the Sony Playstation in 1998 and a PC version was released a year later.

The PC version is no longer being sold, and on the downside it doesn’t work with the latest Windows XP operating system, which was why I never bought the game to try it out. All my computers run Windows XP. Just a few days ago, I found out that someone had a patch to fix Final Fantasy VII to run on Windows XP. I was able to download the whole game online. (Yeah, I know it’s illegal, but I’m planning to buy a copy if I see it for sale in one of those dollar bins at Frys or Walmart.) Since last night I’ve been playing the game. The game is definitely out dated and the dialogue is cheesy as how old games are. I’m looking past it and hopefully beat the game before summer ends. Then I’ll see which RPG is the best. So more news will come about this when I beat it.

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