American River Rafting

What a great Saturday. I went rafting with friends on the American River. We were seperated into three groups with three rafts carrying food, drinks, water guns, and a 160 lbs keg of Samuel Adams. There were countless water gun battles as we floated down the river, and we met tons of people floating by in tubes, canoes, and other rafts.

There were a few injuries from people falling off rafts hitting some rocks on the river bottom, but nothing serious, in fact, it makes a great story to tell. There was also the few who attempted and successfully did keg-stands floating down river in the raft. What a bunch of alcoholics. When one person fell off the boat and need help it wasn’t much of a concern, but when the keg was in jeopordy it became so crucial that we would of sacraficed a member just to save the keg. What do you expect, it was Samuel Adams.

There were plenty of girls on the raft as well. They were the ones putting in all the effort into paddling the boats because the guys were too inuberated with alcohol. You’d expect the girls to be more civilized than the guys and we had to the dock the boat everytime, so the guys could pee behind the bushes and shrubs. Whereas the girls, they’d cling off the side of the raft to relieve themselves. What a bunch of savages.

Five hours of drinking, playing, peeing, and floating equates to nothing more than fun for everyone. I’d definately do it again. But this time I won’t fall off the raft as often.

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