The Day After Tomorrow


Global warming, pollution, and forest conservation are some of the environmental issues the world is facing. It seems like environmental issues are never a high priority for many world leaders to discuss. Maybe it will have to take something drastic to happen to make them realize the environment is not something that can be put off.

The Day After Tomorrow brings that drastic scenario to the big screen. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gylenhaal play Jack and Sam Hall, father and son. Jack is a environmental scientist that discovers that the Earth is going through some serious changes that is negatively affecting the weather around the world. The attention is brought up to the Vice President of the United States, who played by Kenneth Welsh which eerily resembles our current Vice President, Dick Cheney. The Vice President takes Jack’s claims lightly and ignores the issues. Hail the size of bowling balls rains in China, tornados ripping up Hollywood, and massive floods that takes out major cities all happen all at once. Sam, miles away from his father, trapped in a library with a few other survivors is hoping his father can reach them in time.

This is a really big movie based on global warming, but Roland Emmerich pulled it off pretty well. Like most tragic-event movies they tend to have a slow start until the disaster comes. The special effects and the possibility of it really happening is intriguing. This movie is fun to watch if you’re into destruction or meteorology. Besides that this is a mediocre disaster movie that could have been better.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

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