The Incredibles


Pixar has been putting out top-notch movies, and The Incredibles can be added to that list of great movies. This movie mixes up with some of the Silver age and present comic style, and in a social satire sense this movie has super heroes being exploited by lawsuits and are being blamed for social problems. Super heroes across the nation are put into protective custody by the government to protect their identity from the public. Years later, Mr. Incredible and Elasticgirl, a super hero couple, who has since gotten married and have had three kids, each with their own powers, has been trying to hide from their past. Longing for his glory days, Mr. Incredible secretively takes super hero jobs to satisfy his taste for adventure, but he soon finds himself in more trouble than he can handle.

The Incredibles has lots of action, and is fun to watch the super heroes trying to mask and hide their powers from the unsuspecting public. If you’re a super hero comic fan, you’ll see the resemblance of super powers from Marvel and DC comic book characters. That’s too bad that this is Pixar and Disney’s last movie together. As the seperation leaves Pixar as the number one animation studio to beat.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

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