Mr. 3000


I finally got Netflix. I’ve been spending my money renting movies for awhile now. Sometimes my late fees cost more than the movies I rent. This online rental is much cheaper and more convienent. One of my first movies I got from Netflix is Mr. 3000.

Bernie Mac plays, Stan Ross, an egocentric baseball player who cares nothing but being in the Hall of Fame. He quickly quits baseball once he achieved his career record of 3000 hits which would definately place him in the Hall of Fame. Nine years later after exploiting his 3000 record for personal fame and business, he finds there is a mistake in his stats that he’s three hits shy of 3000. Ross joins his old team to get his three hits but finds his game is not the same as it was nine years ago.

Expect to see Bernie Mac’s fast-wit talking. It’s hilarious. He actually plays a believeable baseball player. Overall, this is a decent comedic baseball movie.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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