Cabo San Lucas

I just recently got back from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was my first real getaway vacation, and it was my first time being out of the country. The hot and humid weather there will make you sweat like Al Sharpton at a clan rally. The tourism in Mexico dropped dramatically in the past few months due to the swine flu, but I don’t think it’s as bad as people make it out to be. There’s a better chance of drowning at one of the beaches than getting the swine flu.

I went to Cabo with my girlfriend and her family. We at a buffet breakfast almost every morning and feasted on large Mexican dinners each night. I think I gained about 15 pounds during the entire trip, but I guess vacations will do that to you. I always thought Mexico was one giant dessert with homes built with mud and bricks and people walked around in ponchos and sombreros. But it’s nothing like that, at least in Cabo. There were resorts everywhere all along the Baja California coastline and the streets were filled with Mexican selling odd ball ornaments, candy, and clothing. It’s almost like one big flea market. It seems like there’s only three kinds of jobs in Mexico. You’re either working at a resort, driving a cab, or selling home-made jewelry and toys at the beach. Those who say Mexicans are lazy are just plain wrong. During my trip I didn’t see one homeless person begging for money. The all worked. Even if they have to stand in the 100+ degree wearing pottery and plates draped over their shoulders or bicycling in old beaten down rickshaws. You have to give it to them for working in that kind of heat.

Overall, my Mexico trip was great. For those who are interested make sure you take advantage of the low fares and cheap resort stays. As the swine flu incident dies down I’m sure prices will go back up and Cabo and other hotspots in Mexico will be crowded.

(Pictures will be added soon)

Summer Time!

It’s been quite a long spring season for me. Having to coach wrestling and track and field can be very time consuming. My track and field season has not yet ended. I still having one more athlete in our CCS finals. If he advances then we’ll be going to the State Meet.

The weather has been extremely hot the last few days and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. My ankle is healing up well I will be getting back into my running regiment. Oh, another thing, I will be in Las Vegas this coming Memorial Day weekend. No it’s not for a UFC event unfortunately. It’s just for vacation which I deperately need. But there is a UFC event on the on Saturday. It’s doubtful that I will be able to make it to the weigh ins. Maybe I might get lucky and get to go to one of the UFC after parties.