UFC 79


We’re hours away from one of the most anticipated UFC fights ever. I’m talking about the Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva bout. This fight is over 4 years in the making. Other fights on the card include the headlining event Matt Hughes vs George St. Pierre. This fight is for the Interim Welterweight Championship. The winner will take on Matt Serra after he recovers from his back injury.

Another about I’m totally stoked about is the Machida vs Sokoudjou. Machida is undefeated in his professional career. He is known to have a very defensive style of fighting. His style neutralizes his opponent’s offense while methodically picking them apart with his punches and kicks. Sokoudjou is one of the fastest rising fighter coming out of Dan Henderson’s Team Quest. Known as the “Brazilian Killa” he knocked out two top 5 ranked fighter in his last two fights; Ricardo Arona and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. If Sokoudjou can get passed Machida in the same fashion as his last two fights he will be well on his way to a title fight sometime next year.

My UFC 79 picks:

-Under card-
Doug Evans
Dean Lister
Manvel Gamburyan
Tony DeSouza
James Irvin

-Main card-
Soa Palalei
Melvin Guillard
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Wanderlei Silva
George St. Pierre