Dell Mini 5, iPad killer?

Engadget has some hands-on pictures HERE.

The device currently runs on Android 1.6, but they expect by the time its release (within a few months) it should be sporting the 2.1 OS.  The rumored price for this baby is $1,100. That’s pretty expensive if it aims to compete with the iPad or other tablets and netbooks on the market.

From the pictures alone, and it running the Android OS it’s already more interesting than the iPad. I’m sure it’ll support flash and is able to multi-task.

iPad = iDisappointed

Well Steve Jobs finally announce the hotly anticipated Apple tablet. The iPad so it’s called. The unvieling of the new device left me thinking that no matter how shiny and sleek this tablet is it won’t be as successful as its iPhone or any of its other products.

My assumptions were correct that its just a larger version of the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m very surprised the iPad lacks many of the features that makes it a real tablet. First of all, like its diminutive sibling  the iPhone and iPod Touch it does not multitask. Yup, you can only work with one application at a time. Second, the Sarfari browser lacks Adobe Flash support. For a device that prides itself on providing a great browsing exprience it’s lack one of the more popular features found in all browsers. Third, it’s missing hand writing recognition.

If Apple added at least one of these feature it would have made it a much more desirable device that differentiates itself from the iPhone and iPod Touch. This iPad is a niche product that will probably compete more so with Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers. As for it being a netbook killer, better luck next time Steve.

iTablet, iPad tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Apple’s most anticipated event. Rumors are flying all over the internet about the upcoming unannounced Apple tablet.  Many of the rumors have been consistent with each other and some big wigs in book publishing have hinted that the tablet will be revealed soon.

I’ve always been a fan of their hardware since they switch from the PowerPC to Intel. As for their tablet I’m still pondering how a bigger version of the iPhone would add something unique to the game. You can probably do the majority of the things with an iPhone than you can with the so called tablet. I don’t think it can compete sucessfully with a tradition laptop or netbook. The lack of a physical keyboard hinders it from being nimble mobile computer.

I think the iTablet will be geared more as an e-reader gadget where it would be competing directly with Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers. With the right content Apple’s rumored device can hit the ground running if they can provide the vast amount of ebooks and multimedia selection.

I was planning to buy a Kindle during the holidays, but I was holding out on what Apple had to offer. If the rumors are true the only real question is the battery life on this device. If it’s anything like the iPhone 3G(S) I would be hard press to buy something that would require it to be charged constantly.