Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War for PC


If you followed my blog for the past few years you will know the Call of Duty series are some of my favorite games. I’ve written two reviews, one for Call of Duty and the other for its sequel. Call of Duty 4 leaves the World War II genre and enters into the Modern Warfare scene hence the name “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”. COD4 has amazing graphics and it’s single player mission is equally as impressive. The non-stop action and intense gun battles will keep you hooked. The cinematic storyline could be mistaken for a blockbuster movie. If you enjoy the previous COD games you will definitely enjoy this new sequel.

What happen to Call of Duty 3? That one was only released for the consoles. Infinity Ward, the original developers did not develop the game. Treyarch developed COD3, which was why it was never released to PC.


Gears of War came out for the Xbox 360 console last year. It was an immediate big hit. It’s graphics and multiplayer action kept gamers up all night. GOW was one of the reasons to even get an Xbox 360. Now, Gears of War is out for PC. For the limited time I was able to play, the game was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, the game crashed constantly. I’ve only gone half way through the first Act and the game is completely useless. It would crash at the same point every time. According to their support forums many people are having the same problem. And the developers are aware of the issue. It’s unknown whether they are working on a patch to fix the problem or if they ever will.

Call of Duty 4 was released the same day as Gears of War and is currently patched to 1.2. Other games which have been released after Gears of War have updates or patches. Epic Games, Gear of War’s developers, is also releasing a very popular and very anticipated game this week. Unreal Tournament 3. It was a game I was surely going to buy. But with my experience with Gears of War for the PC. I will definitely hold off spending my money.

Happy gaming. Oh yea, and happy Thanksgiving!!