Battle: LA

Battle: LA is a classic alien invasion movie. The aliens crash onto earth and begin their attack. Los Angeles becomes the last stronghold for the West Coast.  A group of marines are sent out on a rescue mission only to become the ones that needed to be rescued themselves.

This movie starts off painfully slow. The action does picks up, but not enough to feel satisfied. There are a few things about the movie that bugs me.  Besides the cliche plot, the film feels like it’s one of those shaky-cam movies, and almost every scene in the movie is either a close-up or a medium shot that makes it feel claustrophobic. I enjoy watching these alien invasion movies, but Battle: LA brings nothing new to the table. I think the movie should have focused a little more on the macroscopic view of the invasion rather than just solely on a small platoon of marines with personal issues.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆