World War Z


Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a devoted family man that quit his job as UN Inspector to be with his wife and children. When his city is attacked by zombies Gerry and his family escapes and seeks refuge on a Navy ship. In order to keep his family safe Gerry agrees to return to work in find the cause of the infection and find a cure.  Many will be disappointed that this movie has nothing to do with Max Brook’s novel, but the movie stands well on its own. This is probably one of the best zombie movies around as it covers all areas that really make for an exciting undead flick. You get to see the macro affects of a zombie invasion as well as the close-quarters claustrophobic encounters keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

Man of Steel



After a disappointing reboot from Bryan Singer in 2006, Zack Snyder looks to recapture the excitement in his version of the Man of Steel. Henry Cavil plays a physically imposing Superman that makes all other previous actors who played the son of Krypton look puny. This reboot covers the origin and General Zod and his minions. The non-linear storyline  gives it a unique take on telling the origin of a super hero, but the actual delivery of the story feels like its dragging a little too long. Overall the movie was enjoyable, but didn’t match the hype that surrounded it. Good thing is that it sets the bar low for a sequel and hopefully we get something as exciting and powerful as “The Dark Knight”.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

UFC 161



Unfortunately a rematch of MMA’s greatest bout (Rua vs Nogueira) was pulled but a bout between Evans and Henderson is an interesting one.  In fact, they are very similar in style, but Evans is more dynamic. Henderson is getting up there in age and it is going to affect his speed and reaction.  The only chance Henderson has on Evans is his ability to pack a KO punch with either hand. As long as Evans is able to stay clear of Henderson’s haymakers he can squeeze Henderson to a decision win.


My Picks:

Rashad Evans beats Dan Henderson
Roy Nelson beats Stipe Miocic
Igor Pokrajac beats Ryan Jimmo
Jake Shields beats Tyron Woodley
Pat Barry beats Shawn Jordan
Alexis Davis beats Rosi Sexton
Sean Pierson beats Kenny Robertson

Star Trek into Darkness



Star Trek Into Darkness has been a long anticipated sequel right when the first movie hit the theaters in 2009.  Unlike its predecessor where it was mostly about the origins of the crew this movie really focuses on Kirk and Spock’s relationship.

In this film Kirk and his crew must hunt down a terrorist that as bombed a building and killed Starfleet officers. I don’t want to give too much away, but overall the movie is enjoyable. The plot feels a bit rushed at times, and it many of the other characters didn’t get much screen time as they did in the first movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a great sequel and I’m almost certain a third movie will be in the works as I felt JJ Abrams held back a bit in this movie.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆




Earth has been destroyed and is left lifeless except for the few alien scavs that the humans have defeated. Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a drone repairman that is stationed on earth to repair drones that secures the harvesters from the scavs.  He and his female partner, Victoria, have few weeks left on their mission until they get sent back to Titan, a moon that orbits Saturn where the rest of earth’s survivors have seek refuge.  Harper soon finds out that the scavs are not who they really are and his mission is more than a drone repairman.

The plot in this movie unfolds at a snail’s pace, but it ramps up at the end. This sci fi movie has a great premise but the it fails to get you to the edge of your seat for very long.

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

UFC 159



My picks:

Jon Jones beats Chael Sonnen
Michael Bisping beats Alan Belcher
Roy Nelson beats Cheick Kongo
Phil Davis beats Vinny Magalhaes
Jim Miller beats Pat Healy
Rustam Khabilov beats Yancy Medeiros

UFC 157



This will be the first time ever that UFC will have a Women’s bout. And it’s just not any bout but a championship fight for the bantamweight weight division.

Sorry, I don’t have any fight analysis this time around, but I’ll have one for the next UFC on Fox in April and UFC 158. Those events should be exciting.

My Picks:

Ronda Rousey beats Liz Carmouche
Lyoto Machida beats Dan Henderson
Urijah Faber beats Ivan Menjivar
Josh Neer beats Court McGee
Josh Koshcheck beats Robbie Lawler
Brendan Schaub beats Lavar Johnson
Sam Stout beats Caros Fodor