Don Imus is my hero

For those who don’t know search him on the internet for a detailed overview. But Don Imus is an outspoken talkshow radio host that said some racist comments about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team. The NAACP along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have gone on the warpath to get Imus fired.

What’s wrong with this fuckin’ country where you have to watch out for every single word you say? What about freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Imus’s comment may be hurtful but that’s his opinion. In his case it was a joke, a comedy bit. The fact is that the black community is just targeting Imus to create a racial political stint.

Why does these racial standards harshly and seemingly only apply to non-black people? In the media, the Michael Richards incident made him out to be some sort of Nazi. He was pretty much forced to apologize and donate millions of dollars. This is bullshit. What about all the black music artists that throw slews of racial comments in their music. Many of them are about about white people and even their own. I assume their standards must be different.

If you were one of those who were offended by Imus’s comment… who gives a fuck? Don’t listen to his radio show. Create your own and call him a “nappy-headed ho.” What’s even worse is that these so-called black community leaders have their own share of skeletons in their closet and yet they talk about setting moral standards. Why should anyone listen to these guys? They’re just a bunch of idiots who like to hear themselves talk and pretend they give a shit about the moral fabric of our society.

People say racism is a sensitive subject. It’s only sensitive if you make it. Look at Al Sharpton. He’s an opportunist prick that sits and wait till something racial happens to his black community. All of a sudden he appears out of nowhere as a righteous citizen demanding an apology, justice, and punitive payments. Where was he when a Vietnamese woman was shot accidently by a police officer. Where was he when a group of young boys beat a homeless man to death? Where was he when a woman gave birth to a child only to leave it in a garbage dump? Justice, my ass. But when a black man wrongfully gets a parking ticket, Al Sharpton is on that like flies on fresh shit. Do people really believe all the bullshit he says?

Last year a couple of cartoonists wrote about the Islamic Prophet Muhammed. Bookstores and newstands got bombed and people were killed. Now it’s almost inconcievable to mention Islamic icons or other aspects of Islam without getting any reprocussions. Similarly, If you’re white you can’t say, “nappy-headed hos” or “niggers” without getting any reprocussions from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the black community. Go figure.

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