Aqua Teen Hunger (Terrorism) Force

(Geez, is that a a terrorist bomb device…?)

Two men on a advertising campaign in Boston were promoting the Cartoon Network’s cartoon show Aqua Teen Hunger Force have been arrested, currently out on bail, and accused of causing a city-wide panic. The two men placed an electronic board with blinking LED lights depicting a character from the cartoon show around the area. The authorities and the people of Boston thought it was a terrorist bomb device.

After seeing this segment on CNN I thought to myself, “How stupid are the people of Boston?!” I’ve seen the blinking LED board shown on television and they look nowhere near anything like a suspicious bomb device. Now the Mayor of Boston wants to press charges on the two men and the Turner corporation, the parent company that owns the Cartoon Network, and have them pay for the cost of the ‘outrageous’ stunt.

It’s a bit ironic, more so on the stupidity of the people and the goverment in Boston. In Chicago, some people reported seeing a UFO hovering over the O’Hare airport and the FAA refused to investigate and stated the eye-witnesses (more than one) just saw some sort of weather phenomena and dismissed the account. Whereas in Boston, someone reported seeing a blinking light of a cartoon character and immediately authorities assume it’s a terrorist device and sent in the SWAT team, FBI, CIA, and probably even called Chuck Norris. And now Boston is pissed for spending a bunch of money for being freaked out by a cartoon. We all know what they say when you “assume” things.

What would happen if I called in to the authorities and reported seeing blinking lights at Capitol and McLaughlin, an intersection near my house? If the authorties were smart they’d know it’s just traffic lights.

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